What are Social Innovations?

masi_image1New technological developments and globalisation have a strong impact on societies and have therefore create a demand for developing innovative answers to poverty, exclusion, aging society, work-life balance, communications and learning possibilities in educational environment, globalisation of financial-, production and general key markets, climate change etc. Social innovations are one way to meet these challenges and – for the future – they are as crucial for economic development as product and process innovations.

What’s this blog about?

masi_image1This webblog was initiated by the “Master of Arts in Social Innovation” to serve as a platform for communication and exchange between our students and all the others out there, who are interested in social innovation. You are invited to post your ideas, initiatives or events you do yourself or you heard from on this weblog and take the chance to exchange views and opinions with like-minded people! Become an author today! (This link opens an empty e-mail addressed to site administrator Denisa VESELY. Just send her an informal request).

How to become a contributor and add posts to this blog (PDF Tutorial)

What is the Master of Arts in Social Innovation?

masi_image1Danube University Krems in cooperation with the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna offers a unique Master’s program for individuals who want to develop lasting innovations in politicsc, economy and society. Graduates of the “Master of Arts in Social Innovation” will be able to work as Social Innovators in organisations as well as in consulting and supervision.  For more information click www.donau-uni.ac.at/masi

Find a recorded version of the Webinar with Geoff Mulgan on “How to become a good Social Innovator ?” under following link : http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/de/department/imb/veranstaltungen/id/20814/index.php