Look back on Webinar “Snapshots on Social Innovation”


On 6th of October 2014 the study course “Master of Arts in Social Innovation” started successfully at Danube University for the second time.

During the first workshop block we offered for all those, who were interested to get insight to our seminars, a free option via webcam to participate online in one of our workshops.

Prof. Dr. Josef Hochgerner, who is the Scientific Head of this program, gave a lecture on current trend in social change. The topics he discussed ranged from the development of the industrial society to the knowledge society, from the transformation of national states to a trans-national European Union, and from the causes that influenced globalization processes to the rise of the idea of social innovation as a result of the world economic crisis.

For those, who could not participate live in this webinar, we offer a recorded version of this English spoken lecture on our webpage “Snapshot on Social Innovation”.

If this webinar could attract your interest in social innovation and you want to find out more about our study program, please contact the course management! Although the current course has already started, you can still join in and become a student of social innovation!


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